Das Greenkeeping im Golfclub Zierenberg Gut Escheberg

Seit Anfang der neuen Saison erhält unser Golfplatz sein lang ersehntes Facelifting durch professionelles Greenkeeping. Und nicht zuletzt haben auch viele hilfreiche Hände von engagierten Vereinsmitgliedern ihren Anteil daran.

Schritt für Schritt werden die Arbeiten von unserem neuen Head-Greenkeeper, Marco Peschiulli geplant, überwacht und gemeinsam im Greenkeeper-Team durchgeführt. Alle im Team sind höchst motiviert und streben danach, unseren Golfplatz in einem topp Zustand zu präsentieren.

Head-Greenkeeper Marco Peschiulli

Marco Peschiulli stellt sich vor:


Hi, I’m Marco Peschiulli head greenkeeper Golfclub Escheberg.  I am 26 years old, my place of origin is Puglia (Lecce) southern Italy, I have been working in the world of golf for 4 years, my skills and my personality have been highly appreciated in very high maintenance golf courses and known throughout the Germany and Europe, 2 years in Golf Fleesensee , 1 year in Norway in the Tyrifjord GolfKlub, 1 year in the Seddiner See golf club and I worked as a volunteer in the Eichenried golf club at the BMW INTERNATIONAL OPEN 2019.  At the moment I am qualified as 3 level of Greenkeeper super intendent at the Italian Golf Federation (Rome, Italy), it was an in-depth study path on sports turf that lasted 3 years.  Before starting to work in the world of golf, I studied at the Agricultural School of the Monza park (Monza Italy), and I immediately started working as a master gardener, landscape architect and design of ornamental and public parks and gardens.  I am a very polite person, extremely professional, positive and a good leader of a team work.  In my first month in the Escheberg Golf Club, despite the numerous difficulties and the few resources, I immediately knew how to solve problems in golf course, I immediately understood the urgencies and priorities, and I improved the greens, with the right agronomic processes , right annual fertilization plan, correct cutting height and cutting frequency and correct used of the water, I have improved the fairways and the semi rough, both in terms of landscape and both in terms of playability, I have improved the tees by giving the right space and adopting the correct agronomic practices and correct fertilizations, Bunkers by removing weeds, adding and raking sand , and improve the banks.  My goal is to improve the Escheberg golf course in all aspects, giving golfers and visitors a beautiful place to play golf and enjoy their free time.  I love to travel, learn new languages and cultures, I always like to test myself and improve myself, my person and my personal and professional knowledge.  my hobbies are golfing, landscapes photography, surfing (in Puglia we are lucky to have nice waves to surf during the winter) ,mindfulness yoga, and nature walks.